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Welcome to Oakland County’s Food Protection Program.
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Food Service License Application:
The following types of food service establishments may renew their existing licenses online.
Fixed Establishment: A fixed establishment is a facility that is a permanent location. This is an operation where food or drink is prepared for direct consumption through service on the premises or elsewhere, and any other eating or drinking establishment or operation where food is served or provided for the public. (excluding multiples, see below)
Mobile Unit: A mobile food service establishment means a food service establishment operating from a vehicle, trailer, or watercraft which is not fully equipped for full food service and, therefore, must return to a licensed commissary at least once every 24 hours for servicing and maintenance. The commissary license number must be recorded in the appropriate place in order for this application to be processed.
Vending Machine Location: A vending machine location is a room, enclosure, space, or area where one or more vending machines are installed and operated. Where there are multiple vending machine locations in a building, each shall be licensed separately.
Special Transitory Food Unit: A special transitory food unit (STFU) is a temporary food establishment licensed to operate throughout the state without the 14-day limits or a mobile food establishment that is not required to return to a commissary.
Previously licensed facilities will receive a pre-printed renewal application form each spring. A new application will be accepted only over the counter at any one of our offices for:
  • New Establishments
  • Change of ownership
  • Change in physical location of establishment
  • Change of license type
  • Multiples
  • Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU)

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