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Select Proposed Use of Well
New Drinking Water Well
A water supply well is constructed to obtain potable water for domestic purposes at a new development site not previously served by an on-site water supply.
Replacement Drinking Water Well
This well is defined as a potable water supply, which is constructed to replace an existing "drinking water well".
 a.  The preexisting well will be properly abandoned during the installation and hook up of the replacement well.
 b.  The preexisting well be retained for a beneficial use and will be in compliance with current construction standards and must be operational upon completion of the replacement well.
Well Abandonment
A well, which needs to be abandoned, shall include the following:
 a.  A well which has its use permanently discontinued.
 b.  A well, which is in such disrepair that its continued use for the purpose of obtaining groundwater, is impractical.
 c.  A well which has been left uncompleted.
 d.  A well which is a threat to ground water resources.
 e.  A well which may be a health or safety hazard.
Irrigation Well
An irrigation well is constructed for the purpose of supplying water for other than potable drinking purposes such as lawn watering or other agricultural processes.
Test Well
A test well is constructed to obtain information on ground water quantity, quality or aquifer characteristics. It may have a future use as a "drinking water well" or "irrigation well".

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